Jonah Ebenhoeh
Louisville KY USA

Current Team Ranking:290
Current Player Ranking:444
Lincoln Wirgau
Royal Oak MI USA

Current Team Ranking:290
Current Player Ranking:225
Match 1
Main Draw, Round of 64
51Bhanji - Glinzler
 WEM8:006-1, 6-0
52Ebenhoeh - WirgauC25
Bhanji - Glinzler 
Match 2
Consolation Draw, Round of 32
C25Ebenhoeh - WirgauCR13
 WEM10:006-0, 6-1
C26Lis - Stulac
Lis - Stulac 
Match 3
Consolation Reprieve Draw, Round of 16
CR13Ebenhoeh - Wirgau
 CVCC1:006-2, 6-3
CR14Harbold - Markey
Ebenhoeh - Wirgau 
Match 4
Consolation Reprieve Draw, Quarter-Final
 Ebenhoeh - Wirgau
 CVCC2:006-2, 6-2
 Gips - Trombold
Ebenhoeh - Wirgau 
Match 5
Consolation Reprieve Draw, Semi-Final
 Bourke - Haggarty
 CVCC3:006-4, 6-3
 Ebenhoeh - Wirgau
Bourke - Haggarty 

This team has no more matches.

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