Jeremiah De Jose
Wilmington DE USA

Current Player Ranking:182
Johan Hoegstedt
West Chester PA USA

Current Player Ranking:699
Match 1
Main Draw, Round of 32
21De Jose - Hoegstedt
 WCC9:006-1, 6-2
22Miles - PolettiA11
De Jose - Hoegstedt 
Match 2
Main Draw, Round of 16
 De Jose - Hoegstedt
 WCC11:006-3, 6-2
 Sorrentino - TenlenB6
De Jose - Hoegstedt 
Match 3
Main Draw, Quarter-Final
 GCC1:006-3, 6-4
 De Jose - HoegstedtQ3
Match 4
Quarters Consolation Draw, Semi-Final
Q3De Jose - Hoegstedt
 GCC3:006-3, 6-4
Q4Carpenter - Wiedemann
De Jose - Hoegstedt 
Match 5
Quarters Consolation Draw, Final
 Goncalves - Orban
 GCC4:306-3, 6-3
 De Jose - Hoegstedt
De Jose - Hoegstedt 

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